of the static analysis of the arch dam Karakaya in Turkey
by Dr. sc. techn. ETH Rudolf Trinkner

6.1 Stresses


The symbols in Appendix, Image 5 and Image 6 show direction and size of the main stresses for the load combination of self-weight and hydrostatic pressure on the water and air side re-spectively. The stresses are generally below 45 kp/cm2 for the pressure areas and 20 kp/cm2 for the tensile areas. This is not the case for the edges of the spillway where limited stress concentrations will develop due to notch effects according to Neuber. There, the maximum compressive stresses can reach a theoretic value of 75 kp/cm2.

The dam outline exhibits an unusual form. This is due to the spillway being inserted into the dam wall. Statically speaking, the structure does not have an optimal shape. This is evident in the stress distribution. In particular in the central areas of the air side surface of the dam, where tensile stresses for the combination self-weight and hydrostatic pressure prevail.