of the static analysis of the arch dam Karakaya in Turkey
by Dr. sc. techn. ETH Rudolf Trinkner

8. Conclusions


A priori the following can be determined:

  • The results of the above finite element analysis can be confirmed using the results of earlier finite difference calculations (final design) and model tests.
  • The fracture pattern at the end of the model test confirms the prediction of place, direction, and magnitude of the main tensile stresses on the lower air side of the dam.
  • Using the Karakaya arch dam as an example, it can be observed that the idea of an arch gravity dam does not apply. Such a wall behaves as a normal shell (that is, the normals on the shear surface stay normal before and after deformation).
  • Much more refined results can be obtained through the usage of hybrid plate-shell-elements instead of solid elements.
  • The program is able to find the optimal shape of an arch dam in a short time.

Zürich, 13th May 2015

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